List of The Shows and Movies From Disney+ India


>Aaron Stone Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Alice in Wonderland (1951) Movie in Tamil+Hindi+English

>American Dragon: Jake Long Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>American Dragon: Jake Long Season 2 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985) Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Aladdin (2019) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English


>Brave (2012) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>A Bug’s Life (1998) Full Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English


>Doraemon Season 15 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Doraemon Season 16 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Doraemon Season 17 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Dave the Barbarian Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Frozen II (2019) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English


>Gravity Falls Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Handy Manny Season 1 [Hindi-English]


>Iron Man (1994) Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Iron Man (1995) Season 2 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Jungle Junction Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Kim Possible Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Kim Possible Season 2 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Season 2 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Lilo & Stitch Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Mickey Mouse Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Minnie’s Bow-Toons Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Marvel’s Spider-Man Origin shorts [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]


>Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+Eng

>Phineas and Ferb Season 2 [Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+Eng]

>Phineas and Ferb Season 3 [Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+Eng]

>Phineas and Ferb Season 4 [Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+Eng]


>Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal Movie Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Star Wars Rebels: Twilight of the Apprentice Movie Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Star Wars Rebels: Ghosts of Geonosis Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Selfie With Bajrangi Season 2 [Tamil+Telugu+Hindi]

>Shin Chan Season 12 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Shin Chan Season 13 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Shin Chan Season 14 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]

>Shin Chan Season 15 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi]


>The Incredible Hulk (1996) Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Timon and Pumbaa (1995) Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Tangled: The Series Short Cuts [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

>Toy story (1995) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Toy story 2 (1999) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Toy story 3 (2010) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Toy story 4 (2019) Movie in Tamil+Telugu+Hindi+English

>Tron: Uprising Season 1 [Tamil-Telugu-Hindi-English]

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